ADAPT Analysts Matt Boon and Aparna Sundararajan present the Nine Paradigms for An Extra-ordinary World on AWS ExecLeaders

The pandemic has driven many businesses to evolve rapidly and organically. As we now move forward into a new era, managing these changes requires organisations to reengineer critical areas of business.

Join ADAPT’s Director of Strategic Research, Matt Boon and Senior Research Strategist, Aparna Sundararajan as they share findings from their latest research from over 220 Executive Leaders in ANZ at AWS ExecLeaders interview series.

In this Deep Dive Show, we will delve deeper into characteristics that define the distributed digital workplace, its cultural nuances, the role of organisational and technology leaders to empower and steer the workforce to adapt and thrive in a world where business is anything-but-usual.

The Nine Paradigms discussed include Workplace Design, Employee Well-being, Innovation, Resilience, Redefine Business, Reimagine Leadership, Rethink Security, Reset Culture and Realign Technology. 

ADAPT’s Nine paradigms for an Extra-ordinary World will help you build a crucial resilience that will set the new foundations for your business, processes, people, and systems. In coming months, we will be revealing more statistics about the other areas within the nine paradigms for our community and businesses. Together, the Nine Paradigms provide a framework for creating a COVID-normal environment that will persist into the post-COVID landscape and help stimulate continued growth. 


ADAPT has put together a team of Australia’s top IT industry analysts to advise clients and partners on industry trends and strategies. Their research fuels ADAPT Research and Advisory where executives source fact-based local intelligence to validate and improve strategic IT and business decisions. 

Matt Boon is responsible for directing and developing ADAPT’s research content and positions. In his role at ADAPT, he advises C-suite executives across the enterprise and technology provider landscape.

Aparna Sundararajan leads the emerging and disruptive technology research agenda within ADAPT’s strategic advisory team. As a technology analyst and marketer, Aparna aligns the burning issues of senior executives with digital business dynamics and emerging technology capabilities to create strategic advice for ADAPT’s Members and Strategic Partners. 

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