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10 of Your Favourite Interviews

With your help, we built a team of industry-leading analysts, launched our Research and Advisory Services, hosted 3000 executives across six national events and 80 private round tables.

To help you prepare for 2020, we wanted to share some of the memorable moments from 2019 with you.

Discover the top 10 interviews of 2019 as watched by you.

Watch them now
AccelerateHQ’s Paul Shetler: Agile is out of date and not good enough in 2019

Paul Shetler says Agile is outdated, and that it is a mistake to apply it to contemporary development practices.

Ines Almeida, Digital Transformation Advisor at ANZ: Minds are like parachutes. They only function when they’re open.

She talks about how she sells her message internally. Don’t take yourself seriously, she says. But take the business seriously.

Simon Waller – Innovation means change, and striking a balance between fear and frustration

Simon Waller discusses how to strike a balance between people afraid of change and those who believe it is not happening quickly enough.

Pontus Siren on how to align teams to take risks and prepare for disruption

Innosight’s Pontus Siren sat down with Anthony Saba to discuss how he prepares companies for disruption.

Innosight’s Pontus Siren on the three pillars of digital transformation – Foundations, Interfaces and Business Models

Pontus Siren identifies three pillars of digital transformation: Foundations, Interfaces and Business Models. They can be used systematically to drive organisations forward.

Standard Chartered Bank’s Ellie Warner: Make cybersecurity training relatable

Employees are your security agents, says Ellie Warner, Standard Chartered Bank’s Head of Cyber Awareness. To her, it’s crucial that your staff are equipped to work securely even at home.

Amazon Web Services’ Phil Potloff on How To Innovate Like a Startup

Phil Potloff says any organisation can learn from startups on how to innovate. Everything needs to be focussed on customer value.

Atlassian’s Sherif Mansour: Innovation is everyone’s job

Innovation is everyone’s job, says Atlassian’s Sherif Mansour. Don’t leave it to one part of the organisation.

NASA’s Omar Hatamleh on Quantum Computing and the Future of Work

At CIO Edge in Sydney, he sat down with ADAPT to share his thoughts on the top technology to invest in like artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and qubits.

Cloud makes experimentation cheap: An Interview with Steve Day

He talks to ADAPT Director of Strategic Research Matt Boon about hwo cloud enables innovation by making failed experiments inexpensive.

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